For those unfamiliar with Luman Child, this would be a good starting point. 

Born in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) in 1984, he joined his first band as a drummer at the age of eleven, and also discovered a deep love for the bass. Now already a robust figure in the the soul, funk and jazz scene, his impressive work rate saw him collaborating with various international producers and artistes since 2008, playing the bass for the legendary Gwen McCrae’s song, “Let me do my Thang” under German producer Ferry Ultra, and on House producer/DJ MAQman’s releases under GOGOmusic and Tony Records. He’s also done a remix on MAQman’s single, “Night Life”.

2016 saw him collaborating with Joseph Junior on a soulful house release with Solid Ground Recordings “Going Through Changes”. The song reached #15 on the renowned Traxsource Top 100 Soulful Essentials chart.

Luman Child’s debut solo album with German label SedSoul Records showcases 11 tracks in a subtle blend of Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop, featuring vocals from Squala Orphan, Sean J. Rankine, Iza Brown and Ryan Marshall, just to name a few.

“Time To Grow” will be out Feb 10 on SedSoul Records and will be available on vinyl, CD, and digital streaming.


Side A
1. Intro
2. Life Is Like A Cloud feat. Squala Orphan
3. All About You feat. Sean J. Rankin
4. Up & Down feat. Ryan Marshall & Joseph Junior
5. Was It Better feat. Iza Brown

Side B
1. The Birdsong feat. Denis Corboz
2. Something About The Way You Love Me feat. Robert Gee
3. Time To Grow feat. Fresh Daily
4. Hey Brother feat. Joseph Junior
5. Summer Soul
*BONUS* Life Is Like A Cloud feat. Squala Orphan (Visioneers Remix)

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