Just last week we had the Hologram vinyl (A Cosmic Gift) right here on our Instagram raising quite a few eyebrows.

What are your personal opinions on ambitious packaging for vinyl? Are there some standout ones you can still remember?

Following in the tradition of novelty, we’ve collated a list of vinyl records that were pressed in pretty unique shapes. These aren’t explicitly holograms, but we think they’re very special in their packaging and deserve attention.

Here are 7 Oddly Shaped Vinyl Records that we think are wonderful.

1. “I Love You Honeybee” – Father John Misty

Released as 7 inch single on Record Store Day 2015, the track and b-side (Never Been A Woman) were uniquely pressed as a heartshaped vinyl – mirroring the romantic themes that surfaced on his 2015 LP – “I Love You, Honeybear”

2.  “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” – Monster Magnet

This 7″ Limited Edition single by Monster Magnet that came out in 1995 was shaped like an Atomic mushroom cloud (of some explosion of sorts). Pictures were printed on both sides. The front was the blow up, but more interestingly was the back, which depicted a satellite view of some suburban city.

3. “The Ghost That You Are To Me” – fun.

We were pretty surprised to find out that this massively successful indie pop band from New York City (they’re currently on hiatus) actually came out with an odd shaped one of their own! – an RSD Gear shaped vinyl that was limited to 2000 units.

4. “My Song 5” – Haim

Shaped after guitarist/keyboardist and vocalist of the group Alana Haim, this limited edition picture disc featured both the title track and the remix with a neat feature from A$AP Ferg.

5. “The Holiday Sessions” – Paramore

This 7″ that was only pressed to 700 copies released by pop punk band Paramore contained 3 brief interludes was shaped endearingly as a Hibiscus.

6. “Wake Up Dead” – Megadeth

For the vertical length of this record, we’re actually quite not sure how this can even play at all… It probably does: and that’s a marvel in itself.

7. “Into the Groove” – Madonna

A traditional heart shape apparently was not ambitious enough for this release. Dropped in 1985, this Madonna track was packaged not just in a rather slanted heart vinyl (one that veered to it’s left), but even had a print on the front and back – with the other side displaying a newspaper clipping of some sort.



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