When a loved one passes, there are few ways to preserve their memory and legacy. Traditionally, it used to only be limited to different burial or cremation processes, but now, modern technology has allowed us to do that in creative and inventive ways, such as turning ashes into plants, or encasing them in a piece of jewellery to wear and keep close to your heart. Now, for the sentimental music lover, you can press ashes into a vinyl record to keep forever.

U.K. based company AndVinyly offers a chance for anyone who wants to have a musical memory of their deceased loved one by pressing their ashes into a record. Their packages start at £3000 for 30 records to distribute, with pressings of up to 24 minutes of audio (12 minutes each side). Audio can be recordings of the person or anyone about them, or music they have made, and there is even an option of getting music written and produced just for you, with distribution to record stores worldwide.

Check the video above on the entire process, and let us know what you think!


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