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Name: Suzanne Verweij

Location: Breda, The Netherlands

Size of collection: 591 records

Tell us a bit more about yourself

I grew up with my mum Annelies, my dad Peter and big brother Martin in Breda. I was born in ‘86 so I used all kind of music formats; cassettes, vinyl, cd and MP3. And now I’m back at the vinyl!

 In ’99 I started to live on my own and I thought it would be cool and nostalgic (and that makes me laugh now) to buy a record player. My mum and I went to a thrift shop and there he was: Sony PS-LX-45 for 10 euro’s! That record player is still spinning. Matthias and Nienke, my brother-and sister in law, are enjoying it right now.

My boyfriend Pieter and I live together since ’07. It’s a nice house with a garden and two big rabbits in it 🙂 I turned 30 last year and my love for records is as big as the love for bunnies. Because turning 30 was something special, I wanted to make it even more special to get my rabbit Woody on my arm. I love it!

I work at a kindergarten with children from 1 to 3 years old. It’s so much fun, every single day! I work 40 hours in 4 days. Wednesday is my day off. I think the people on Instagram (suuzvinyl) will have noticed that 😉 I start my day with a record and I end my day with a record. Oh and with coffee, I loooooove coffee!

What started your interest in music?

My parents always puts on music. They listened to the radio, to cassettes and vinyl records. Music all day long, so I grew up with it. Dancing on ‘’Walk of life’’ from the Dire Straits. That was one of my favorites. When we were going on holidays I took the cassette player with me. So I could listen to my favorites all day long. Unfortunately I could only “forward” the tape so you need to get the tape out of the player, forward it and then but it back again haha. But then I got my first discman; what a bless!

In the 90’s I was in love with Blink-182. I really need to have the new CD, ‘’Take off your pants and jacket’’, on the day it was released. My room was filled with posters of the band.

Mark was my favorite 🙂 Going to school or work: I always had my music with me and played it loud, very loud. And yes: I playback (and still do) but I don’t care. It makes people laugh and I enjoy my music even more 🙂

How long have you been collecting?

I bought my first record in ’99 but I didn’t listen to it a lot. My boyfriend also bought them: he even has the original self titled album of Pearl Jam, (released in 2006) because he is a huge fan. It was sealed for years! I had the opportunity to put it on our  Rega RP3 for the first time and that was something!

Years went by and then my boyfriend Pieter met Guido in 2014, a man who had over 5000 records and an awesome set up, we got in love with records immediately. What a sound! We were blown away!

Pieter went looking for the Rega RP3, the one Guido also had. There’s a hi-fi store in our own city. We really needed to check that out, but we both knew that it would be a big (but even a greater) investment to buy a full hi end audio set. We really need to think it trough.

On the Thursday’s the shops in the city center are open till 9PM. In the meantime Pieter went to Guido for listing to records and get ours washed with his Okki Nokki. Every time Pieter came home from Guido he said that he loved the sound of vinyl. And then it was Thursday again… I suggest to go to the store and ask there for more information and about the possibilities.

Two ours later and we bought it…

Pieter still blames me for going to that store. But I don’t think he regrets it haha!

Collecting records became a hobby that my boyfriend and I both love. And to share this hobby, well let’s call it a passion, is just awesome to do with the person you are in love with.

Unfortunately Guido, our dear friend, past away while sleeping in October 2015. He was only 44 years old. We are still so grateful for having the opportunity to meet this wonderful man. We still miss him, we keep on spinning those records not just for us, also for Guido. He is there up above with one of his favorite artists: David Bowie. They drink coffee and listen to music all day long.

What does your collection mean to you?

A lot. It’s full of memories. Good ones and bad ones. Everyone has a different sense of feeling with a song.

And that’s what music does with people: it connects. We go to festivals, concerts and buy their records. When you get home you can enjoy that festival of concert again. Memories passing by, every single time you’ll put on a record. And that means a lot to me.

What’s your philosophy behind collecting records and how has that evolved since you started collecting up until the present day?

Because I have the music “physical” and not as a MP3 it has more value to me. When you get home and pull out that beautiful round disk and have a look at the insert or booklet, you can’t resist it! Well, I can’t 😉

Sometimes I get very surprised when I put on a record: “Is that song from this band? ’’Hey this is the original one! I never knew that someone else covered it!’’ It’s cool to get more deeper into the music. I started looking on the internet for music of the same year or bands that are equal. I love to discover new music.

November 2015 I started posting my records on Instagram. We share the same love for music and especially on vinyl. There was one day that showed how big the power of social media can be: Pearl Jam repost my photo! I repeat: Pearl Jam repost my photo! You have no idea how happy I was! Listening and posting my records is now my daily job. I’ll keep on spinning and posting!

If you could only take three records from your collection to listen for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

Florence + the Machine – Ceremonials

This is my favorite band. I heard ‘’Rabbit heart (Raise it up) for the first time on the radio. I was sold. Her voice, that sound! In 2009 Pieter and I went to a Dutch festival: Lowlands. We saw Florence + the Machine for the first time live and in a small tent. Florence was right in front of me!

Ceremonials is my favorite because of the dark and hard sound. ‘’No light, no light’’ is so good. I could not imagine a world without the sound Florence.

Dire Straits – Love over gold

Do I need to say more? ‘’Telegraph road’’ is awesome. This album can only played out loud. And again and again and again.

Daft Punk – Alive 2007

If there is one concert I really really and than I mean really really want to visit, it’s that one from Daft Punk. Number one on my wishlist. If it’s not possible to visit it, I need to listen to it.

When I saw that cool videoclip of ‘’Around the world’’ I could not stop dancing! While listening to this album it’s almost like I’m in the middle of the concert. It is such a great recording!

Do you have any regrets about not buying any particular records?

No not yet. I think if I was born 30 years earlier I probably would, because I think they would be gone. It’s an awful thing to say, but it’s because of the CD!

My dad gave away some of his records and I think he regrets that. Luckily I found a few records of my dad at my uncles attic. I guard them with my life!

Any tips for other record collectors out there?

I started with the Sony record player and that’s a good start. But I definitely would recommend to visit a Hi-Fi store so you can experience the power of vinyl. Experience? Yes, from now on, you not just listen to music but experience it! I listened my music on MP3 and on CD but once you’ve heard them on vinyl; you are sold. So much more depth, warmth and you can even hear more instruments. Those things all together is just the way the artist wants it to sound like! I had so much fun hearing “‘my” old music for the first time on vinyl, it was so much better!

Go ask your family and friends if they have records. Go to thrift shops and last but not least: support your local record store. Of course you can buy records online. But it’s so much more satisfying to go through all these beautiful records and have a nice chat with the owner. You need them; the record store and they need you. And every year there is that special day that every record collector loves: Record Store day. This year on the 22nd of April. Go check it out!  

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