ken tan

Every record collection is the result of years of digging and discovery, and in that same spirit, this month, us at #vinyloftheday and ZIGGY venture into Ken Tan‘s record vault to uncover the fruits of his musical labours. The creative director’s array of vinyl isn’t just testament to his love for the format, but also his passion for the lower end. Proceeding from his love of jungle and drum ‘n’ bass, Ken was tight with the old Guerilla crew back in the day and remembers his first record being a d’n’b release off Creative Source. But however much a self-confessed bass head, his record collection is also stacked with diverse styles, ranging from the rare groove of James Mason to the jazz chops of Chet Baker. “I try to keep my ears open quite a bit,” says Ken about his musical journey, “You take what people share, and start experimenting and researching in that field by yourself. From that point, you learn a lot more music.”

Check out our interview with Ken in the video below in and in the January issue of ZIGGY.